Best Bachelor Party in Medellin PERIOD!


There comes a time in every man’s life when it’s time to settle down and get married.

Life without love is not a life worth living, but before you get married… It should occur a Bachelor Party for you and some of your friends, and Medellin is the place to do it!

Book your flight and come to us to get the city’s best bachelor party friendly accommodations in Medellin, from penthouses to mansions and more, pack your bags and head to Medellin for the final weekend of total unadulterated fun and antics with your best buddies.

Medellin is full of great activities for bachelor parties of all ages. Look for girls at the hottest Medellin nightclubs and around The Lleras Park, see a little of the nightlife environment in Medellín.

Enjoy your “Last Supper” steak dinner with your best friends before cruising the Medellin Strip in Parque Lleras in a huge limousine.

Get a VIP Table at the best Strip Club in town and enjoy some ‘personal attention’ from the sexy entertainers just next door.

The sky is the limit, and we’re here to make sure this will be the best memory as a single man you will ever have.

Stay in TOP LUXURY ACCOMMODATIONS, Penthouses, Mansions or Party Houses.

24-hour concierge service from the moment you arrive you will have everything taken care of the ways you want it.

Nightclubs (VIP Table, or Hosted Entry so you don’t wait in long lines)

Dayclubs & Pool Parties (VIP Tables, Cabanas or Hosted Entry)

Gentleman’s Clubs (Girls & Drinks, VIP Tables available)

Limo Service (Getting around in style, as a group)

A group dinner (Steakhouse, sushi, Italian? )

Some sort of Day activity (Exotic cars, machine gun range, CUATRIMOTOS, sports, gambling etc.)

Select your night of pure, unadulterated debauchery from one of the packages below or, if you had something else in mind contact us and we’ll help you arrange it.

Our knowledgeable VIP Hosts plan tons of bachelor parties every year and have all the right connections to ensure you get the best table at the top nightclub or private Medellin mansion or Medellin penthouse party for your Big Night.

We have the knowledge and can make your night in Medellin, a night that you won’t forget. No matter what your group size, budget, or interest Bachelor Party Medellin has a bachelor party package for you!

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Bachelor Party Friendly Properties in Medellin: Where to Stay?

If your coming to Medellin for a Bachelor Party you are definitely not going to want to stay in a hotel!... Keep Reading I Know Why!

1) You will not be able to meet our friends, hotels and apartments have strict rules NO SPECIAL VISITORS, How can you celebrate a celebit bachelor party, maybe you should go to party with the pope?

That’s why Bachelor Party Villas in Medellin are a necessary expense!

Bachelor house parties in Medellin are second to none, plus Medellin is the Mecca for the hottest Latin women!

Bachelor Party Hottes girls in Medellín
Hottest Girls in Medellín Colombia.

You are going to definitely need a nice and private pool only a few Villas in Medellin have pools and we have exclusive access to all of them!

Vacation rentals in Medellin can be strict but when you work with us we get you the ones where you can have a guaranteed amazing time!!

2. Too many Restrictions!!!!!


So now that you understand why yo are going to need to find a Bachelor Party Friendly Accommodation in Medellin, let see the options!

1) Penthouses / Apartments: there are only a few apartments that will tolerate the debauchery that should go on in a bachelor party we have one and direct contact with the owners of the others.

2) Houses: the best option, private, no doormen, no administration , we have the best and closes one and again direct contact with the owners of the others.

3) Villas (fincas): last option if you are coming in last minute, the only down side is that they are far away.

Bachelor Party Medellin can help you find the best Bachelor Party Friendly accommodations in Medellin, we have got you covered for anything and everything you need.

See Some Of Our Selected Bachelor Party Houses Rentals in Medellín
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