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First and Best Bachelor Party Agency in Colombia! We Will Provide You An Unforgettable Bachelor Party Medellin Experience That No One Else Can Provide GUARANTEED!!!

Vacation Rentals


Party And Live Like Kings! Our Luxurious Bachelor Party Friendly Mansions, Villas, Penthouses and Country Villas Are Everything You Want and Need! We Have Medellin's Best Bachelor Party Friendly Luxury Accommodations.

Adventure Tours


There Are More Things To Do Than Go To Nightclubs. Our Exciting Adventure Tours Will Get Your Adrenaline Going For An Unforgettable Bachelor Party Medellin Experience

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Enjoy a luxury Bachelor Party Medellin experience, that In fact starts the moment you arrive at the Jose Maria Airport in Rionegro Medellin Colombia, and so continues to the last possible minute when you finally have to leave.

In short, our experience in planning Bachelor Parties in Medellin of all sizes is second to none, so be sure this Colombia travel package will definitely exceed your expectations.

Each Colombia Medellin Bachelor Party package is perfectly planned out for the most enjoyment in a short time.

In fact, if this is your first time planning a bachelor party, our team of stag do experts can certainly provide you the best Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party Experience and even more.

As a result, you and your squad will go back home commenting on how memorable their Medellin bachelor / bachelorette party was.

Meet Our Medellin Bachelor Party



First of all at your arrival in Colombia you will be met by your Bachelor Party Medellin Colombia contact and whisked off in private transportation to your luxury private party house, penthouse or the accommodation type you chose.

So after unpacking and freshening up you can unwind near the pool and ask any doubts about your bachelor party itinerary, learn some spanish / paisa sentences and dating tips to know how to flirt with some Colombian girls later.

Finally gear up for the first evening of your stag party Medellin.

Don’t worry about nothing, we plan your Colombia bachelor party event to the last detail, so be sure that we especially take care of everything for you, and indeed, we’ll provide your team with VIP services that would otherwise be unavailable to you after all.

In a word, our Colombia Medellin Bachelor Party is Different. We specialize in lads weekend away and bachelor parties designed in essence, to entice the senses.

What Can You Expect In Our Bachelor Party Medellin?

To point out, our planned events include only the best stag weekend ideas, from city tours, adventure tours to private parties, dance nights, visits to local discos, bars, night clubs, strippers clubs and other great night spots, massage parlors and spas, also live shows and in summary, much more VIP Services and great things to do in Medellin Colombia.

Another key point, we’ll provide the perfect accommodation for your Bachelor Party in Medellin Colombia, maybe a penthouse, a luxury house, mansion, farm house or in effect, whatever you desire for your squad.

Bachelor Party Medellin Group
medellin bachelor party planners

Among many other ideas for a great stag night party, we reserve VIP lounges and provide you with VIP access, hence, no line up and no cover, to the best restaurants and clubs each night you’re in town. Needless to say, you’ll probably get lots of attention from onlookers.

Moreover, we can also include drinks and/or bottle service for your friends at these clubs, where you certainly will experience the best of Medellin nightlife.

So, contact us today to arrange your Bachelor Party Medellin Experience VIP style, forthwith.


All You Need To Celebrate A VIP Bachelor Party


Whatever you need whenever you need it. MedellĂ­n's finest at your fingertips

VIP Access Treatment

Get priority pass for your team (No line up and no cover) to the best strip clubs, discos & bars in town

Nightlife & Lounge Tours

Enjoy Night Activities, including a special bachelor show at one of Medellin's best strip clubs

Itinerary Management

Your Itinerary, will be taken care of, with city experts Vip Concierges available to you all day

Luxury Vacation Rentals

Party & Rest Like Kings Staying in Awesome Party Houses, Penthouses, Mansions, Villas.

Private House Parties

Your party could look like a music video, imagine something wild and amazing, we will handle it

Private Entertainment

Customized private entertainment can be coordinated for your event, just dream it, we make it

Adventure Tours Packages

Include other exciting things for day activities to do in your unforgettable MedellĂ­n Bachelor Party.


In fact, you don’t have to be single to attend a Bachelor Party in Colombia, only if you want, you can act like one while you are in Colombia!

As a matter of fact, a typical Colombia Bachelor Party or Colombia Getaway includes everything. And correspondingly, our Party Medellin Experience is not the exception, therefore you will get all you can eat, drink and party.

With this in mind, we’ve planned out everything to the last detail. To sum up, we can get you, from cuban cigars, fine liquor, limos, arrange bachelor party games, tours, night  outs and more.

In fact, these details above are all part of our lush Colombia vacation experience designed to make the goom and his party squad enjoy life like never before.

Where To Stay in Your Colombia Medellin Bachelor Party?

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Bachelor Party Accommodations

For your Bachelor Party in Medellin Colombia you should stay in a Luxury party house, penthouse, apartment, mansion or villa (located in Medellin finest areas, El Poblado near Parque Lleras or around) where you will have all the comforts necessities and privacy to enjoy our VIP Services.

Airbnb Accommodations & Hotels

You must know that Airbnb has banned party houses and therefore bachelor parties are not allow. This means that you can’t book one of those properties to make a lot of noise, get drunk, etc.  Also no hotel in Medellin allows bachelor parties either, those are places where you can’t party, make a pool party or receive visits from friends late at night to hang out together. Instead of that, the ideal is to book a 100% party house in Medellin, specifically a bachelor party-friendly vacation rental near Lleras Park.


Why Is Our Medellin Bachelor Party Different?

Our Medellin bachelor party is different because we hear our guests, and we really encourage you and your party squad to do some unique and fun things for the first time, that’s why we specially recommend you to take some exciting Medellin adventure tours for day activities.

Medellín has a lot of outdoors plans to offer that will complement your unforgettable Colombia  bachelor party, from City Tours, Guatapé Adventure Tour, Rio Claro Tour, San Felix Paraglyding, Helicopter Rides, the Pablo Escobar Farm Tour, ATV’S, Dirt Biking, Paintball, Shooting Range, Golf, Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Tubing, Jet Ski’s, Boating, Water Skiing, Party Boats, Mountain Climbing and much more.

Medellin Adventure Tours From Bachelor Party In Medellin

Is It Safe & Fun A Bachelor Party in Medellin Colombia?

Indeed, our on the ground experience in VIP Services in MedellĂ­n and other Colombian bachelor party destinations as Cartagena, assures you the safest and most enjoyable mini vacation in Colombia.

Most noteworthy, you won’t only be specially treated by us, Colombianas (Colombian women) are very kind and love to party, not to mention they love to get to know North American men.

Even more, our staff is with you around the clock and as much or little as you need them.

So, from the moment your flight arrive in Columbia, to the sad moment when you have to leave you are never alone. Unless you want to be of course.

Additionally, in contrast to other destinations where Gringos are at every corner, in Colombia Gringos are rather still a novelty – “Gringo Allure” that the Colombians dig! Bachelor Party Medellin and Colombia is the Ultimate Single Guys Trip…

But Why A Bachelor Party in Colombia?

Many ask, why Colombia for a bachelor party? After all, the name is still largely synonymous with the drug trade and Pablo Escobar aka Pablito, probably the most famous drug lord of modern history.

But as a matter of fact, in the past few years, international headlines have celebrated Colombia’s comeback.

Colombia is now safer to travel to than many other countries in the world and is recognized and valued by positive characters such as Nobel Prize writer Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez and sculptor Fernando Botero.

Another key point, unlike some of those places in Asia, Colombia is close to the US, it’s a beautiful friendly country, the food is great and the ladies—ooh-la-la!!



Premium private accommodations

All drinks, food & entertainment

Concierge services. What do you need? We will be there to assist

Private ground transportation (and airfare within the country for multi-city events)

Private pool parties with friends, dj, chef, entertainment

Guided nightly parties, daily visits to the local spas, bars and entertainment centres

Cellular telephone to stay in touch with business, family, friends, etc

Dedicated driver and guide and activities co-ordinator

Time on your own, with or without a guide, if you wish it

Would You Like a Multi-City Colombia Bachelor Party?

Then we strongly recommend you visit our Bachelor Party Cartagena Experience and moreover our Bachelor Parties Colombia main website to plan the most incredible multi-city bachelor party in Colombia:


Any Special Request Will And Can Be Taken Care Of, At Bachelor Party Medellin Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

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Road 444 Package

4 Nights
$ 1000 Per Person
  • Group of 8 Guests
  • Round trip airport transportation
  • 24-7 security
  • Chef for 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch
  • 24-7 vip Concierge
  • Massages
  • Nightclub with bottle service
  • Bar hopping tour
  • Bachelor Party Houses:
  • Road 444
  • California VIP House
  • Palatial VIP House

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