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Thank you for contacting the first and best bachelor party agency in Colombia the best way to go about this would be to first take a look at our premade packages to get a better idea of what we offer https://www.bachelorpartiescolombia.com/bachelor-party-medellin-packages/

We can also create a customized package for you by filling out our questionnaire, in addition we are here to answer any additional questions, unlike our competition we actually live here I am from New Jersey and my partners are from Medellin and Cartagena , we guarantee an amazing time

Best way to go about this would be to start planning out Packages, I can create sample packages but not once in the last twelve years of doing bachelor parties in Colombia has someone chosen the sample packages I offer, people always want wants best for their group, the package that may work for one group may not work for the other. The best way to move forward with this is think of a budget that works for you below I will list all of the options available to you, chose them and I can give you a most accurate quote:

* Please make sure everyone is on board. The best way to do this is to create a WhatsApp group or email chain and get your group to commit because you don’t want to get hit with last-minute high prices or lose out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience because of people who are indecisive.  Now the questionnaire —


Any Special Request Will And Can Be Taken Care Of, At Bachelor Party Medellin Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

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