These are some Frequently Asked Questions that bachelors usually want to know before coming to party here in Medellín Colombia.

Do I need a Passport or Visa to enter Colombia?

As a vacationing American, British, Canadian or European citizen, a valid passport (with at least six months remaining before expiry) is required to enter Colombia, but a visa is not necessary. For other nationalities please consult the Colombia or your country government web site.

Is any vaccination or immunization required or suggested?

No, not necessary.

What is the easiest way to arrive in Medellin from the US?

Flying into José Maria Cordova International Airport (MDE) and then having us pick you up and drive you to Medellin in the comfort of an air conditioned private bus… with cold beer, soft drinks and a host on board.

Is Medellin safe at night?

Yes. Generally speaking, most anyone would feel safe to walk along the main strip at night. There are several police officers patrolling the main streets and private security guards on most private property – there are police stations scattered out around the city.

What currency of money is most commonly used in Colombia?

Colombian Pesos are widely used and accepted. Sometimes when you bring USD you can get a better rate that the bank rate changing money.

Are ATM’s available? Can I use Credit Cards?

There are several ATM machines located throughout Medellin, none give Dollars… Credit cards are widely accepted (but not everywhere). There are many exchange houses and regular banks on the main strip.

Do I need to speak Spanish to get by in Medellin?

Some locals have learned to speak some English, but of course some basic Spanish at your end would help… and then there may be some cases where hand signals and elaborate gestures are the only way to communicate.

Can I use my cell phone while in Medellin?

Some providers offer roaming features that work Colombia, others do not. It is best to check with your cell phone company for rates and availability. Usually you will get ridiculous bills its best to bring down an IPhone, blackberry or Android buy a prepaid simcard with data and telephone, make sure your phone is unlocked first. Some phones may be sold unlocked like all IPhone 5’s. If not a smart phone you can buy a cheap $30 phone at the supermarket and use prepaid minutes.

Can I use my laptop in Colombia? What kind of plugs and voltage are used?

Electrical outlets throughout Medellin Colombia are 110v just like in the U.S. or Canada. However, if your computer or electrical device uses a 3 prong power connector, bringing an adapter which converts from 3 to 2 prongs is recommended.

Is Wi-Fi available in Medellin’s Restaurants & Bars?

Free Wi-Fi hot spots have become common in Medellin there are also several internet cafes, and a couple of call centers on the strip which offer international calls at very reasonable rates.

What is Medellin’s nightlife like?

Medellin use to be a small town but has since grown to a large city now boasting stylish VIP Lounges with bottle service, Dance Clubs that are open until morning, Bars and Electronic, rap, pop, salsa, with spectacular views, and many others that line up and down the main strip in Parque LLeras, Rio Sur, Barrio Colombia.

Most Clubs and Bars have popular nights and times that are most busy and full of fellow partyers. When you book with, you will receive a fact sheet and event list of what’s going on while you are here.

What kind of dining and restaurants are available?

Medellin has a wide variety of cuisine, from delicious native Colombian food to killer sushi, vegetarian, Middle eastern,

Is the water safe to drink?

I have been drinking it for seven years and I’m ok, Medellin is a huge Valley surrounded by Mountains, the water couldn’t be fresher.

Are there casinos in Medellin?

Gambling is legal in Colombia. Poblado area has a couple of good casinos for slot machines, roulette and poker, blackjack.

Texas Hold’Em can be played most nights of the year.

How do I make my own customized package?

Email us at CUSTOMERSERVICE@MEDELLINEXPERIENCE.COM, try to detail everything you are looking for down to the last detail. When we talk we will tell you what’s available, suggest the best of the best but in the end it’s up to you.

How do you receive payment?

Via PayPal, Credit card or Cash.

What are the terms and conditions?

Every Apartment, Mansion has different terms and conditions regarding payment, security deposit, check in and check out times…etc. When you inquire we will provide all the terms and conditions.

How will we get the keys to the Cribs?

There will be a member of the Bachelor Party Medellin staff available to answer any of your questions during regular business hours. Outside business hours you can also contact us in a case of emergency.

The number is: 300 467 8389

All of our apartments have Wi-Fi Internet access.

In some cases a PC is provided with the apartment (please check the individual apartment page for a list of the amenities).


Any Special Request Will And Can Be Taken Care Of, At Bachelor Party Medellin Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

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