When it comes to your bachelor party in Medellin, the first thing that comes to mind apart from getting some dancers, is the accommodation where you will stay for 4 days. Many think of Airbnb as an option when looking for accommodation, but I tell you that this can be quite a challenge. The reason for this article is to give you the guidelines to follow to find the best accommodation if you come to Medellin.

Knowing if a rental is legitimate or a scam is a great challenge faced by guys who come to celebrate a bachelor party. Let us be able to help you in this process, and show you that Airbnb is not the best option.

What would be the ideal rental?

bachelor party in medellin

Wherever you go to celebrate your bachelor party, you will always want to find your accommodation near fashionable places. In the case of Medellin, the closer you are to Parque Lleras the better, since it is the most fashionable place in the whole city .

I’m sure you already know that Parque Lleras is the busiest place in Medellin, and where the most famous nightclubs are located, so famous that they have national recognition. Not to mention that it is the meeting place for single women who come to have a good time and meet new people. In this order of ideas, an ideal rental in Medellin in the Provenza neighborhood, this neighborhood has everything for your bachelor party in Medellin.

What about Airbnb?

bachelor party in medellin

Many users who have contacted us through different social networks have commented that many of the images obtained in this application are misleading, not to mention the almost absurd regulations that some Airbnb properties have that I will be talking about.

Generally, the properties that they show us on Airbnb are apart from misleading, incomplete, since many owners only highlight places that may be of greater interest to tourists, such as; the pool or the jacuzzi, many do not show photos of the rooms, beds, bathrooms or other common areas, something that does not happen with us.

What is the real disadvantage of Airbnb?

bachelor party in medellin

Although Airbnb is an application whose fame spread like a virus throughout the internet and its use is quite useful if you want a quick accommodation anywhere in the world. But like any application, it also has certain disadvantages and rules that when it comes to bachelor parties, are not ideal at all and would hinder your celebration.

We have heard cases of people who have rented houses through this application and have been kicked out without any type of refund, and that is part of the case of rules and disadvantages that I was talking about. Most of these houses are located in family neighborhoods, far from Lleras Park, so they do not allow noise or scandals, something that is the complete opposite of celebrating a bachelor party. On the other hand, the properties offered by Airbnb do not admit guests, another rule with a disadvantage if you are going to celebrate your bachelor party, that is, without invited girls, obviously there is no party.

Finding the right place in El Poblado

bachelor party in medellin
California VIP House
bachelor party in medellin
Palatial VIP House Lleras Park

We have our recommendation on our own website, which can take you several days searching in any accommodation application. We on this website have a whole catalog of 51 properties perfect for bachelor parties, to receive guests, and to make all the noise you want, but these are mansions for parties.

And logically it will not take you an hour to decide on one of these perfect houses.

Obviously, to organize your bachelor party in Medellin you will need more guidance, and our commercial agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. My advice is to request more information and we will start preparing the entire itinerary for your bachelor party in Medellin.

Visit or share our official bachelorette party in Colombia website link with the bride, or with the maid of honor for they to check all the things we can offer to her and to her bachelorette party squad:

Also, share these guides that will teach them how to plan an outstanding bachelorette weekend trip in Medellin or Cartagena Colombia:

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Our bachelorette party team will take care of everything the bride needs for tailoring an astounding bachelorette party package, either be in Cartagena or Medellin Colombia.

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When it comes to your bachelor party in Medellin, the first thing that comes to mind apart from getting some dancers, is the accommodation where you will stay for 4 days.
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