If Medellin has something, there are many places to celebrate bachelor parties, its environment is ideal for practically all kinds of celebrations, from romantic to the wildest parties, so below I will tell you about the best places to celebrate in Medellin, except where we celebrate in a big way.

The Barrio Provenza Medellin for bachelor parties?

here are eight apples. From 10th to 7th streets and from 36th to 32nd races. In that space today there are around 207 shops, including shoe stores, furniture stores, decoration stores, clothing stores, restaurants and bars. A sector that was born with a residential vocation, in the last ten years has seen dozens of businesses arrive that have animated its days and, especially its nights. Tables fill up early and if you don’t get there on time, you run the risk of being left without a seat.

Without a doubt, Provenza is the most exclusive neighborhood for parties in Medellin, its emblematic Parque Lleras is the meeting place for many tourists and beautiful women, but do you know what is the best? Our properties are located in this luxurious neighborhood.

How about we go to Las Palmas?

Avenida de las Palmas that connects the José María Córdoba airport with the city of Medellín. On this avenue there are elevated bridges, viewpoints, restaurants, bars and very exclusive nightclubs. One of the viewpoints is the Mirador de las Palmas, a place with a large influx of people both inhabitants of Medellín and tourists. Some people who live in the city use the viewpoint as an excellent option to momentarily disconnect from the fast and stressful pace of urban life.

From the Mirador de las Palmas you can see Medellín in its entirety. There are food stalls for those who want to make the experience something delicious too. Some are only open on weekends, but some are always open every day. People who visit the Mirador de las Palmas always enjoy a relaxed experience.

Are we going to fly to San Felix?

We met him a couple of years ago, we were a group of friends to go paragliding and it is a highly recommended plan, age does not matter and neither do the nerves hehehe have qualified personnel for that. It’s very cold on the flight, but it’s well worth it.

It is a super beautiful place, it has a great view and the climate is a bit cold but it is worth visiting, and it’s great sport is paragliding. This place is on the outskirts of the city, especially for those people who love to breathe another air. You will also find a camping area.

How would it be to climb La Piedra del Peñol?

A paradise in the Andes hidden in the mountains, that’s how I described Guatape when I met it the first time, it seemed to me a wonderful place with all contrasts for all tastes, climbing the largest stone in the world, La Piedra del Peñol is something that a must do if you come to this place. Here we have properties that you will like, a luxury surrounded by green nature, immense lakes, night clubs to enjoy your great bachelor party.

You see that celebrating your bachelor party in Medellin is the best decision you will make and with a little budget for you and your friends, if you want adventure in every way, the capital of Antioquia will be the best option.

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Our bachelorette party team will take care of everything the bride needs for tailoring an astounding bachelorette party package, either be in Cartagena or Medellin Colombia.

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Best Bachelor Parties Zones in Medellin
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Best Bachelor Parties Zones in Medellin
Little budget for you and your friends, if you want adventure in every way, Medellin will be the best option for your bachelor party.
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Bachelor Party Medellin
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