Have you thought of Medellin for your bachelor party? One of the most visited towns in Antioquia is Guatapé. Located 75 kilometers from Medellín in the eastern part of the Department, it has a story to tell, which is known by visitors who arrive daily, attracted by the photographs of thousands of travelers who leave testimony of its beauty on social networks.

Cobbled streets are adorned with houses painted in multiple colors. Double height constructions stand out in which wooden balconies stand out.

But what is most striking are the baseboards, drawings and paintings in high relief with which the houses of the town are adorned. They are works of art that tell stories and that refer to customs, flora, fauna, national symbols, and the trades of the townspeople. And, they make the color show unmatched. Guatapé can be explored by walking for a space of two or three hours, in which you can share with its inhabitants, who are always friendly and open to sharing their traditions and culture.

A prominent place for your bachelor party near Medellin

The proximity to the reservoir gives visitors the possibility of practicing water sports, while the forest vegetation that surrounds the municipality allows activities such as hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding to be very popular. Guatapé is a beautiful and entertaining destination, ideal to visit at any time of the year.

One of the most important tourist attractions to visit is El Peñón de Guatapé, also known as “La Piedra del Peñol”. It is a 220-meter-high monolith located between the municipalities of Guatapé and El Peñol, which has 702 steps to the top.

A wonder of nature near Medellin that you can include in your bachelor party, from where you can see the panoramic view of the reservoir of more than 2,200 hectares, which consists of several islands in green tones surrounded by calm waters that invite you to contemplation. From there you can see the old location of the town, since a cross has been located that emerges from the water and serves as a historical symbol.

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Guatape Medellin, for a Bachelor Party?
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Guatape Medellin, for a Bachelor Party?
For a bachelor party near Medellin, there is a hidden paradise in the mountains called Guatape, take a look at this article.
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Bachelor Party Medellin
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