Thousands of tourists who want to come to Medellin for their bachelor party see with optimism the arrival in the city of eternal spring, and it is that due to the correct management of the Mayors and Governors, the economic activation has been favorable for thousands of tourists come and spend their vacations in this wonderful city.

While 2019 closed as a historic year for tourism in Colombia, according to the Ministry of Commerce, with a contribution of US $ 14.6 billion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 1.2 million jobs, 2020 and its pandemic context were a step backwards: the The sector moved US $ 3 million, 59% less, and employed 900 thousand people, a 28% lower figure. Now the plan is clear: 2021 is a year of transition towards reactivation and in 2022 this must become a reality.

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Faced with the other challenges, he stressed that there is tranquility about the warnings to travel to Colombia produced in the third peak of the pandemic and the context of the National Strike, “the Foreign Ministry has worked on that” and even the reopening of Europe United States was achieved and at the end of the month Argentina and Chile would do the same.

Meanwhile, the recovery in the inflow of foreign currency could take up to two years, taking into account that in the first semester US $ 1,072 million arrived in the sector, which represented a reactivation of only 34%, he said.

Can you do your bachelor party in Medellin?


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Tourism with optimism in Medellin | Bachelor Party
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Tourism with optimism in Medellin | Bachelor Party
Covid 19 has dropped a lot in Colombia especially in Medellin, which means that there are no excuses to celebrate the best bachelor party
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Bachelor Party Medellin
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