Many choose Medellin for their bachelor party and it is not by chance, Medellin has become fashionable in recent years for its party atmosphere, its cultural diversity and its beautiful and sexy women.

In this article we mention the best places of cultural diversity to meet with your friends, fun is guaranteed.

It is not necessary to make many efforts to be captivated by the “City of Eternal Spring”. As soon as you arrive in Medellin, the green landscape floods everything. With its charming mountain climate, the city delights us as we walk through it unawares through the parks and gardens of Medellín. This tourist destination is the favorite of thousands of people who come to enjoy the culture of Antioquia to take the best of this land.

The Botanical Garden

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To find all the species of plants and flowers of the Antioquia region in a single tour, we recommend you visit the “Joaquín Antonio Uribe” Botanical Garden of Medellín. This “living museum” was carried out with an educational and scientific function for the general public, which is not only a refuge for various species of vegetation, but also a research center for the conservation of said species.

Lleras Park

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Restaurants, nightclubs, bars and cafes are concentrated in Parque Lleras, a place in the El Poblado neighborhood where the inhabitants of Medellín and tourists find a wide variety of places where nightlife is important. There you can get good dishes of typical Antioquian food, as well as national and international cuisine. In this Park the party usually lasts until dawn, and you will see an impressive parade of beautiful women.

La Comuna 13

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If you have come to Medellin, you cannot leave without knowing one of its most famous communes, La Comuna 13 al más Coste, which for many years was the epicenter of wars and clashes between various groups outside the law, but which today is the sign that if you can live in hope, harmony and peace and it is an open place for foreigners to visit.

Barefoot Park

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Es un espacio divertido e interactivo donde los viajeros y los lugareños pueden literalmente quitarse los zapatos y jugar. Esta experiencia sensorial para tus pies consta de tres zonas separadas: arena, bosque y agua, cada una con diferentes superficies y texturas para brindar un masaje natural en los pies.

As you can see, Medellin has many options to take a tour during your bachelor party. These places are of great cultural interest to take a tour and at the same time feed your eyes seeing the sexiest women in Colombia.

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