Once in Colombia, and after enjoying for a couple of days a bit of the Bachelor Party package that you chose, curiosity may knock on your door, making you wonder “What else is out there to see in the Medellin nights?”. That might lead you to go to places that could be very good or totally inconvenient.

The next top 6, is the first of a series we will be publishing in the upcoming weeks, that will focus on showing you the best of the best in Medellin # 2019 for top notch fun, and wild party. Stay tuned to know exactly where the action is.

All right, in no particular order lets start with our curated selection.

Gusto Nightclub

At the heart of Parque Lleras, in El Poblado, is the Gusto nightclub, perhaps the most trendy club in mid-2019. A big and modern disco, with the best staff you will find in many clubs in Medellin.

Considered one of the safest nightclubs in Medellin, Gusto’s clients also say that worth the visit because the quality experience and prices.

Vibrant music of the moment, reggaeton, trap, dance hall, excellent drinks, hot and extroverted women everywhere. If all you are looking for is an easy-breeze night for you and your group, this is the right spot that will make you happy without hesitation.

Luxury Club Medellin

Just half a block from Lleras Park in El Poblado, you will find The Luxury Club Medellin an excellent place to meet people. Amazing atmosphere and great sound, The service staff is really nice and try to keep you well provided all of the time.

It is normal to find an even proportion of locals and foreigners here. The style here is urban, so expect to get lots of reggaeton. They have a few Specials from time to time, like the Black Party which is usually thrown every Sunday preceded by a festive Monday (holiday).

In the Luxury, other specials are made according to the holidays in the week, so it is advised to check a Colombian calendar to pick the best weeks to come down to Colombia and have the best times. Either way, the first day, and the 15th of every month is payday in Colombia if Thursday, Friday or Saturday matches those days, the Party is going to be hot, guaranteed.


Babylon is a guaranteed night of insanity in Medellin. Every Thursday night they throw ladies night and the first 100 girls or so go in free of charge. If that wasn’t enough, they have open-bar so they drink for free. As you can expect the admission flow is high, but you can still have a good time here, the more the merrier they say.

Here you will find a mixture of paisa youth and backpackers. Keep your eyes sharp to see some table dancing as the night reaches its verge. The place is crossover, so there will be lots of reggaeton and other Latin music.

Unlike girls, guys have to pay, but it’s an open bar which makes it a great trade. Babylon is a classic, and you will get lots of fun, don’t miss it.

Bendito Seas

If Babylon is a classic, Bendito seas is the hot-spot of the season in Medellin. This is one of the best clubs to meet women as on Thursday ladies night is active. Have in mind that you may run into a few undercover hookers, but this spot is where Paisas go when they want to meet foreigners.

From Thursday through Saturday nights you get open bar after paying the cover which is about 40,000 pesos for guys, and that includes all the Ron and Aguardiente (both local liquors) you can drink. The doors open at 10:00 pm, so make sure to get there early in order to get a table. There will be no free bottle service if you don’t have a table.

You will find some of the most gorgeous “Paisitas” in Bendito Seas, as it is normally packed with young women, you will have a pretty good time here for sure.

Envy Roof Top

Or just The Envy, it is a bar, but not just “the regular” type, with a wonderful view at the top of The Charlee hotel in Parque Lleras, Poblado. Exclusivity is king at the peak of the five-star hotel, where it occupies the 17th and 18th floors, here you’ll find a lounge and bar with live DJ and a spectacular aquarium-like pool. 
The main feature of the Envy is the location, thanks to it you will be able to appreciate a magnificent panoramic view of the city of Medellin. It fits about 300 to 350 people, so you won’t be lonely at all. In the drinks department, they have a wide variety of fusion cocktails, and you can request any kind of drink you want. Last but not least, you can order from appetizers to Japanese oriented food from the menu and more, which awards the Envy some extra points if you are into Sushi.
As mentioned before, the Envy Rooftop Bar is an exclusive place with equally exclusive prices, but  on the positive side, you won’t see a single backpacker. Bear in mind they have a kind of rigid dress code, so wear accordingly that night.

The Blue Bar

Tired of the monotonous beats of reggaeton? Or just not in the mood to go down on the dance floor? The Blue could be the right place for you and let’s start by giving it a special shout-out as you will not need the highest budget to have a great night here. It presents a variety of alternative rhythms with long moments of rock and retro music.

They throw specials of Fridays and Saturdays, usually no cover for women until 11:00 pm so keep in mind, if you want to reach the ladies. Getting wasted here takes no effort at all, the guys from The Blue will shoot you liquor right into your mouth with a gun, a plastic one, or hydrate you by putting a beer bong down your throat from time to time.

The Blue is a popular spot in Lleras and it gets a crowd almost every night, so it is a great option if you are looking to meet people and have a more conversational and international vibe. On almost any given night of the week, the place packs out with gringos and locals looking to get loose. Go Blue for a different, great experience.

Stay close for the next top 5 that we will release soon. Cheers!
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Top 6 Bachelor Party Medellin Nightclubs
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