Medellin is not just for your bachelor party, this city has much more to offer its visitors, here we will talk about an award received by this beautiful city.

The prestigious North American magazine Time Out recently published the list of the 49 coolest neighborhoods in the world, among which one of Medellín stood out.

This is the Centro neighborhood, also known as La Candelaria, which was ranked 12th on the list for its mixture of culture and nature, as well as the various plans that there are to do in this sector of the Paisa capital.

"For a bachelor party, Medellin is a paradise"

medellin bachelor party

The publication highlighted that in this traditional place in Medellin you can visit market squares, museums, traditional bars, as well as new ones that have emerged over the years.

For example, the walks through the “chaotic and beautiful” squares and visits to places such as the Salón Málaga, the Botero square, the Parque de las Luces and the Basílica Menor Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria stand out.

medellin bachelor party

“This neighborhood has become a haven of leafy boulevards, bike paths and community-run ‘pocket’ parks with hundreds of new trees planted. Incredibly, the redevelopment did not change a bit of the joyful chaos that defines the heart of the city,” said Emily Hart, who wrote the review.

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The Coolest Neighborhood in the World
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The Coolest Neighborhood in the World
Start the new year and we are already thinking about your bachelor party in Medellin, what if we add more fire to the party?
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