The people who planned their Medellin bachelor party during the Covid19 pandemic were disappointed due to this health emergency that brought the entire world to its knees, since there was no country that has been spared from this virus. Many boyfriends were left with the opportunity to celebrate their bachelor parties.

Today and despite the fact that Covid19 is still present in each hospital and in the news, the measures have been drastically reduced, allowing our lives to return almost to normal as we were in 2019.

In this article we will be telling you the requirements that you will need to be able to get to Medellin for your bachelor party.

Requirements to get to Medellin

planning a bachelor party in medellin
Jose Maria Cordova Airport

People from other countries who come to Colombia for tourism must present the vaccination card with the complete schedule of vaccines about 14 days before the flight. If the person traveling to Colombia has an incomplete scheme or has not completed it within 14 days, in order to enter the country they must have a negative PCR test with a maximum of 72 hours in advance.

In this case, it will be the airlines that will have the obligation to enforce this measure and must request it at the time of passenger boarding.

The stay in Medellin

planning a bachelor party in medellin
Starbucks, El poblado

Regarding the health emergency of Covid19, Medellin has remained on orange alert so far this year, this means that infections have risen slowly, and that public hospitals are limited to serve a large number of patients.

But according to the measures imposed by the local government, people have maintained excellent behavior in the face of the health emergency, and they no longer require the use of the mask in public places, a decision that many, already tired of wearing the mask, applauded.

When you are planning your bachelor party in Medellin, adopt the measures that we have talked about in this article so that you get vaccinated on time and can come to Medellin to celebrate the best party of your life.

However, in the face of the coronavirus we must not lower our guard, so we suggest the use of a mask if you consider it necessary. Nothing can harm your bachelor party in Medellin.

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Planning a Bachelor Party in Medellin During the Covid19
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Planning a Bachelor Party in Medellin During the Covid19
Lets planning a bachelor party in Medellin with all protocols for your health, learn what you need to come to Medellin
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Bachelor Party Medellin
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