The nightlife in Medellín is famous for impressing tourists and locals with the number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs scattered throughout the city, as well as events and activities that take place in these places, thus attracting more tourists year after year.

Bachelor parties Medellin
bachelor party medellin

When enjoying the nightlife in Medellín, going out or going out to “party” as they say in Colombia, you must get to Parque Lleras, the point that houses the largest number of recognized bars. Although a large number of people visit the sector on weekdays, the bars are mostly crowded on weekends.

This sector is open for both office workers in the area at lunchtime, as well as for visitors who want to go out at night, because nightlife in Medellín is cozy, the weather is pleasant, and you can display the latest fashion and a lot of skin, very comfortable for Medellin women.

Many of these bars have professional dancers with spectacular dance programs choreographed throughout the night, in some cases it is worth going just to see the dancers.

During the events that take place in the city, the bars are filled with tourists, and you can enjoy food and brandy, in the company of friends. There are places that also have their own night activities, to invite people to go out at night, for example, dance exhibitions, street concerts of salsa or Caribbean music, etc. These events are promoted in local newspapers or on websites.

Other activities are programmed directly by the local government, to encourage culture, attract the attention of tourists and make them feel safe and at home when going out at night in Medellín.

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Most of the bars open at 6pm or 7. And many of them are open until midnight. There are only a few bars and clubs that are open until dawn.

Other places to go out at night are destined for shopping, such as Vía Primavera, a street near Parque Lleras, where you can see shop windows, buy fashionable clothes and eat some sandwiches. This street is open until midnight on weekends.

Nightlife in Medellín is also enjoyed in parks throughout the city, during religious festivals or traditional festivals such as the Feria de las Flores.

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Medellin Nightlife | Bachelor party
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