Medellin has built a reputation as one of Colombia’s festival, party, and bachelor party capitals. Travelers flock to the second city to enjoy the many nightclubs and bars on offer, and to dance the night away with some of Colombia’s friendliest friends. There are many great places for a night out in Medellin, but here is a short guide to the best places to go clubbing in the city.

Medellin’s hotspot for bachelor parties is undoubtedly the El Poblado neighborhood, particularly around Parque Lleras. This is generally the most popular clubbing neighborhood for the backpacker crowd, as El Poblado is also the heart of Medellin’s hostel scene. Colombians also love to party in Poblado, and on Friday and Saturday nights the area is packed with young and beautiful people who fill the countless bars and clubs.

medellins nightclubs

Envy Rooftop Bar the perfect medellins nightclubs

There are so many excellent medellin’s nightclubs, diverse and safe clubs to enjoy in El Poblado that it is impossible to list them all, but the most prominent include Envy Rooftop Bar, Sixxtina Discoteca, Bendito Seas, B-Lounge, Crossover, Blue and Babilonia all of these clubs draw a crowd. young on the weekends and offer a good mix of locals and foreigners to have a good time.

medellins nightclubs

Bendito Seas Nightclub

One of the most popular nightclubs in the area is Calle 9 + 1, which offers a different party experience over many of the other clubs listed, which tend to focus on pop and Latin music, and may not appeal to the fans of more alternative tunes: Calle 9 + 1 is more of a “hipster” friendly place, with excellent electronic music. It’s also LGBT friendly which adds to its appeal with a younger, hipper crowd. It has a very relaxed dress code, which can be useful for travelers who don’t have access to their full wardrobe at night. You can watch the video below to get a window into Medellin’s nightlife.

medellins nightclubs

La Chula Nightclub

If the idea of ​​partying in a place so popular with foreigners goes against your idea of ​​a local experience, there are still great places to go out in the city – One idea is to head to Calle 33, near the Laureles neighborhood. There you will find a bustling strip of bars and clubs, and a relatively small number of foreigners, giving the whole place a much more “local” feel. The best nightclubs on La 33 are The Rouse, Palmaco and California Club.

One thing is certain: Medellín for stag parties is an amazing place to go out at night, and you are sure to have fun wherever you choose. However, if you stick to El Poblado, Parque Lleras or Calle 33, then you will almost certainly have an amazing night!

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