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Medellín, in addition to being known for being an innovative city, for the warmth of its inhabitants, the beauty of its landscapes and its development history is quite striking for its nightlife. The city has a wide variety of establishments with different environments (there is something for all tastes) of different prices and plans to enjoy.

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Lleras - The busiest area

The quintessential pink zone of Medellín. Located in the El Poblado neighborhood, it is the main reference of the party in the city and is well known because you will find everything from discos and bars, to cafes and restaurants. Its reference is the Lleras Park and the places for the party you will find around it and in its many streets. It does not have a price estimate because it is so varied that you will find very cheap places, as well as others that are quite expensive. If you go up 10th Street you will reach the Provenza Sector where you will find a restaurant area and if you go down you will find El Poblado Park, popularly known as “el PP”.


Barrio Colombia - An exclusive party

A sector dedicated especially to nightlife, near the Industriales metro station and with several of the most exclusive clubs in Medellín, these are quite spacious as there is much more space than in some of the discos in Lleras. It can be much more expensive and the location is a bit more remote, but an option for those looking for different experiences in big nightclubs. In the same way you will find bars and some restaurants.

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La 33 - Typical Paisa Festival

For those who want a more Colombian and typical experience of the city, the 33 is the ideal option. From where it intersects with the south highway to the roundabout of the 80 you will find divided between blocks, sectors with very Colombian nightclubs. But just as in the rest of the city you will find different themes: rock bars, discos with specific genres of music, crossover style, etc. The budget for a party here is much more affordable than in the two areas mentioned above, although it must be borne in mind that it varies depending on the place you attend.

La 70 - Afternoons and nights Colombian style

Another of the sectors with a quite Colombian atmosphere and especially close to tour is 70 (which is in the process of changing its name to “Libertadores de América” in homage to Atlético Nacional). Here you will find small bars perfect for having a beer in the afternoon and inn-style nightclubs to spend a fun night with friends. In the circular streets that cross 70 you can find restaurants for all tastes, and in the same street there are food stalls that can be a good option. The cost is affordable. The distribution of this sector is a straight line from the UPB to the stadium, so walking and choosing a place to stay makes it very comfortable.

Palmas - At the top of Medellín

If you are looking for an option a little more remote and exclusive, even with a slightly cooler climate, but still in the city, you should not go that far, this option is Las Palmas. Known most of all for its viewpoints located on the road to the airport, it has several inns and restaurants with a good view of the city and a slightly warmer climate, especially at night. The options to get here would be by car, Uber or Taxi. To choose to party in Las Palmas you must be willing to spend a little more than what you are used to in Lleras or other places.

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