The Flower Fair is the most important event in Medellín, as it embodies all the values of the Antioquia people. The fair lasts 10 days and is part of the Colombian cultural heritage.

The parade of silleteros, the central act of the fair, originated thanks to the invitation that Arturo Uribe Arango, from the Medellín Development and Tourism Office, made 40 silleteros from Santa Elena (Antioquia) to decorate the first version of the fair in 1957.

Medellin Flower Fair 2021
Medellin, Antioquia

Silletas are pieces of wood with handles that are used to carry large quantities of flowers. Its origin dates back to colonial times where they were used to carry people through the mountains of the region.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this element was useful to the peasants to bring flowers from the towns of Antioquia to Medellín and thus market them. Now, although there is no custom of selling on the saddles, the parade is the representation of the traditions of the region.

A fair for everyone

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The fair has more activities for tourists, such as the parade of classic cars, the National Equine Fair, the National Trova Festival, the National Championship of Sound on Wheels and the Festival of Orchestras, among others.

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Medellin Flower Fair 2023
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Medellin Flower Fair 2023
We are talking about one of the most important events in Medellin, the flower fair, a very colorful party.
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