While most of the visitors who come to Medellin for a bachelor party, a getaway, or just to meet and party stroll through the town, the palm trees and many towns, others choose the paths of “El Centro” quite popular by the Plaza Botero , the Railroad, and the girls from Veracruz Avenue. This is a place that can occupy several blocks, it is very easy to see beautiful women in daylight, I know you understand me!

In the center you will find apart from these beautiful girls, you will also find typical paisa food restaurants at a fairly low price and you can take long walks, get on the railway and get to know other points of the Center such as San Antonio Park.

Important Safety Points

medellin bachelor party
El Centro

El Centro has a bad reputation in general terms, the high crime rate has made this place somewhat hostile. Although it is safe to enter the district, it is advisable for foreigners to be very vigilant while there.

Do not show valuables such as jewelry, watches, mobile phones, among others, do not walk alone, stay with our guide and the group of people who go with you and avoid walking at night in this place.

Do you want to take a long walk?

medellin bachelor party
Veracruz avenue

For people who want to make a parenthesis in their bachelor party and learn more about Medellin, the walking tour with our guide offers them a look at the most interesting parts that have represented a change in the city. You will walk through the busy streets of El Centro, our guide will give you detailed explanations about the places and certain points of the Paisa lifestyle.

If your greatest desire in your bachelor party in Medellin is to experience the real Colombia, this is a visit you must make with your friends. You will not regret it because something that downtown Medellin offers is good views of beautiful women walking around.

Let's take a photo in La Plaza Botero

medellin bachelor party
Plaza Botero

It is an important part of the tour of El Centro and a meeting point for many. This plaza is located outside the Museo de Antioquia and features beautiful sculptures by the famous Medellin-born artist, Fernando Botero.

Also called “Las Gordas de Botero” they are quite distorted sculptures with curious positions that allow a good photograph to be taken, a nice memory of your bachelor party in Medellin.

In the background you will find the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture, a striking black and white checkered building where the best pieces of this paisa artist are found.

Los Pajaros de La Paz / The Birds of Peace

medellin bachelor party
Los Pajaros de la Paz

An emblematic activity and one that you should not overlook is to meet Las Palomas de La Paz, other bronze works by the artist Fernando Botero that represent two birds. The difference between these figures and that they represent a moment of violence in Medellin is that one of the figures has a hole from which shrapnel comes out.

In the year of 1995, a terrorist attack in the main square killed people and injured hundreds more and destroyed this sculpture. Fernando Botero donated a second identical and undamaged bird to put it next to the original. Today these birds represent a tribute to those victims and a reminder of Medellin’s dark past of violence.

Now let's go to the Park of Lights

medellin bachelor party
Plaza de Las Luces

A few blocks from Plaza Botero is the Parque de las Luces, it is an area that is in front of the public library that is full of rows of quite tall lighthouses and that at sunset are illuminated to adorn this beautiful square. This place was renovated in 2005 to make it more attractive and safe for visitors from other countries. Previously, the park of lights had serious problems with drug dealing and crime at night.

This square is made up of 300 lights and as I already told you, it becomes a spectacle at nightfall, since these lighthouses light up in different colors.

Let's get to know the Museum of Antioquia

medellin bachelor party
Museo de Antioquia

If you come to the Center, entering the Antioquia museum is a must, since this place houses a great selection of art that tells the history of Antioquia. This grand building features galleries with beautiful art, a library and interactive exhibits, and a picturesque central fountain.

A walk through El Centro is a parenthesis that you can do in your Medellin Bachelor party, our guide will be with you at all times taking you to safe places serving as a translator if you need it.

We tell you that apart from the cultural tour that you will take during your visit to the Center, you will feed your eyes during the tour since many beautiful girls come to this part of the city and you can surely make friends since they are quite friendly. You will not regret it.

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Medellin, El Centro
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