Do you need a guide to plan your Medellin bachelor party in this new year 2023? We give you the perfect guide so that you are clear about the great party with your friends, surrounded by sexy girls, luxury and a lot of alcohol, so stay until the end, my friend.

Choose the date for the trip

To get exact prices, you will need to know exactly when it will come. Start your bachelor party planning in Medellin by scheduling a date that works for everyone. Check prices and availability of flights and accommodations in advance so that they work in your favor. Although we recommend booking in advance, we can still do it at the last minute!

How many days will be enough for you?

Most of the bachelor party packages in Medellín are based on an itinerary of 4 days and 3 nights just to give you an idea. better places.

Establish the budget for each person

Each person’s budget is different to find out who is willing to pay what to do with what they have to work with. Knowing your budget will save you a lot of time!

Choose the temple of sin

Find a luxurious accommodation for your Medellin bachelor party where you can have all the fun you want (without problems) and rest like royalty. Beware of Airbnb! Airbnb does not allow stag parties or guests, so you will be liable to get kicked out or worse without a refund.

The Lleras Park and the luxury mansions and party houses of El Poblado are the most recommended stays for a bachelor party in Medellín.

What activities do you like?

Discover the activities and tours that you would like to enjoy in Medellín. We especially recommend the Tour of Guatape and Piedra del Peñol, Santa Fe de Antioquia or San Felix to mention a few, quite recommended for going on an adventure.

Our VIP treatment is quite accessible

A VIP city concierge is key to making the most of your days in Medellín (without getting into trouble) and a chauffeur.

Everything you might need, whenever you need it, the concierge can get it for you. You can also get a private chef, music DJ, bartender, bodyguard, and any other special request.

Contact us to organize the Medellin bachelor party, give us a call or send us a WhatsApp (tap the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right) or fill out your quote form and we will respond quickly.

Visit or share our official bachelorette party in Colombia website link with the bride, or with the maid of honor for they to check all the things we can offer to her and to her bachelorette party squad:

Our bachelorette party team will take care of everything the bride needs for tailoring an astounding bachelorette party package, either be in Cartagena or Medellin Colombia.

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Medellin Bachelor Party Guide 2023
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Medellin Bachelor Party Guide 2023
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