Bachelor parties Medellin we are pleased to present you a great city, happy and full of contrasts, a city that fills its citizens with pride, and that at night becomes a magical and diverse city, this is the city of Medellín.

As I mentioned before, this city is full of great diversity, joy and a lot of color, thousands of tourists come here a year to enjoy all its benefits, being the main city in Colombia in terms of economic growth, but what most characterizes Medellín it is its festive atmosphere almost all year round. Medellín offers you several activities to do and places to visit that you cannot refuse.

Parque Lleras | Lleras Park.

bachelor party Medellin Parque Lleras

A quite visited place is Parque Lleras, no person can refuse to visit this place, it is one of the most recommended places in Medellin to visit due to its festive atmosphere.

This is an important sector of the city and also preferred by many when it comes to knowing what to do in Medellín at night, it is called La Zona Rosa of the city so you will live a great experience. Here you will not only find the most striking places to go out partying, but you can also enjoy numerous restaurants, entertainment venues and shops.

Viewpoints of Las Palmas and San Felix.

medellin bachelor party

Going to one of these places will help you to clear your mind and especially to delight your eyes with the beautiful panoramic view you have of the city.

You have to do this plan in Medellín at night so that you can correctly see the lights that adorn this city. We recommend visiting the viewpoints of San Félix, Las Palmas or from the Pueblito Paisa, any of them will offer you a night show that you will love.

Go to the town of San Felix.

Bachelor Party Medellin Colombia

This plan is what you have to do in Medellín at night preferably; Without a doubt, any day of the week will be the one to delight the palate with a delicious chocolate like those of San Félix, a place and a favorite drink for many inhabitants and visitors, this place becomes an excellent option to do at night .

The climate of this place is the best complement to enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate, you will also have a wonderful view to observe.

Go to the Parque de las luces.

bachelor parties medellin

Known by its inhabitants as the Parque de las Luces, the Cisneros square becomes a very striking tourist attraction for those who visit it, even more so at night when the lights come on and it allows you to enjoy a magnificent show.

This park lights up and allows you to contemplate the beauty of this place, you can also take advantage of some great photographs with a very original location and it will be a sensational program in case you do not know what to do in Medellín at night, this idea will surely enchant you.

Go to Havana Casino


We recommend the Havana Casino in the Poblado. An ideal space to live in a single environment all the adrenaline of the slot machines, millionaire progressives and game tables. It offers a personalized service and the security of being located in the most important neighborhood of the city.

The excitement and entertainment of their games will make you live unforgettable moments. The perfect place for visitors to feel comfortable and their priority is to be able to play safely in Medellín.

You already have many ideas to decide what to do in Medellín at Night and choose the option that everyone in turn enjoys the most, remember that at bachelor parties Medellin we help you prepare the best packages for you to come to know this magical city.

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