Just imagine for an instance the face of your friend (the groom) once in Medellín Colombia, when all of you get off the plane, get their luggage, and find that the vehicle that will pick you up has not arrived, and after faking that the logistics have failed and you will have to take a bus or several taxis… ¡Pum!.. Suddenly, a huge limousine (Hummer, Navigator, maybe a Camaro) appears and gets closer and closer… parks right in front of your squad, the door opens and a couple of gorgeous girls shout out “Hey Papasitos, Bienvenidos a Colombia! Vamos entren ya!” something like (“Hey You handsome Guys, Welcome to Colombia! Hop In, Now!)” XD.

Limo Rent Service Medellín Colombia

That would be funny and unforgettable for the groom, isn’t it?

During the ride, aboard one of this amazing Medellin limos, you can enjoy a toast, great music, party lights system and the company of a couple of hot Colombian girls hosts that will make the experience even more memorable.

Medellin bachelor party

Another advantage of renting a limousine in Medellín to receive your crew at the airport or for a classy party night out, is that it will help with the transportation requirements, since all the friends can travel together and enjoy with a lot of class.

Party Limo Rent In Medellín Colombia

Bachelor Party Medellin and our partners Bachelor Parties Colombia are ready to give the groom and his best friends this and many other fun surprises to make this bachelor party in Medellin Colombia an epic and unforgettable experience.

No matter the size of your group, we have large limos such as Hummers, Navigators, Lincolns and some smaller ones such as Camaros and Chryslers.

Ah almost forgot, you can also opt for a somewhat cheaper option and also very fun as a Party Bus!

Medellin bachelor party

Don’t think it anymore, if you want us to contact you and help you plan this bachelor party in Medellín Colombia with this limousine service included, bachelor party friendly vacation rentals in Medellín, the best Medellín Tours and the best places, activities and plans in Medellín Colombia, get in touch now!

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Why Not Rent a Limo during Your Medellín Bachelor Party?
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Why Not Rent a Limo during Your Medellín Bachelor Party?
Here we give you some ideas of why you should or not, rent a party bus or limo in Medellín for a Bachelor Party.
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Bachelor Party Medellin
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