Check the medellin colombia party scene? Well, if you are the groom or the best man, you should now get to work to make the best bachelor party of your life. Medellin is already on the map and it is because of the mega tourism industry that is taking the lead over big cities like Cartagena, Panama City or Jaco in Costa Rica, without a doubt Medellin is the sexiest city in Colombia.

The women, the nightlife and the weather are a symbiosis that makes this city the perfect place to party, and this can be done throughout the year. So it’s time to get 110% to start planning a bachelor party in Medellin.

Where can you stay

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We know that Medellin is not a city like New York or Berlin, but this metropolis is one of the most influential in South America in terms of innovation compared to cities like Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Being a city with a large tourist industry, there are plenty of accommodations everywhere, but the best place to stay within the city is in the El Poblado neighborhood, here you will find not only excellent accommodations, but also exclusive and famous bars and nightclubs. national.

Our catalog of party villas, penthouses and apartments are mostly located in this luxurious and exclusive neighborhood, so the transfer to the nightclubs will not be a problem.

El Parque Lleras

medellin colombia party scene

This famous park is located in the El Poblado neighborhood and is home to a wide variety of bars and restaurants, as well as prestigious nightclubs. -But the best of all is that here you will find an endless parade of beautiful girls who come to this place generally alone in search of some adventure, without a doubt it is a moment that you cannot miss.

Medellin has a vibrant nightlife practically every day, but from Thursday this vibration goes too high, turning the city into an eternal party.

Our VIP service includes entrance to the best clubs in Medellin with the best bottle of liquor in the place.

The climate of medellin

medellin colombia party scene

Medellin is the city of eternal spring, with 75 F ° almost all year round, this city always maintains a favorable climate, cool at night. Although sometimes the weather is somewhat difficult to predict because it is a city in the Andean mountains.

In general, our clients stay in this city from 3 to 5 days, so it is advisable to bring fresh clothes such as; swimsuit for the pool, 2 jeans, hiking boots in case you want to go hiking, flip-flops to go around the city and cool t-shirts. To go out at night it is always good to show a little elegance, this attracts the most beautiful women and in some clubs a little elegant clothes are requested.

Strip clubs

medellin colombia party scene

If you plan a bachelor party, it is logical to include a trip to a strip club, and in Medellin we have these clubs to spare. In Medellin these places are mostly brothels and inside they have quite spicy shows where you will see beautiful women who know what they want. Here we recommend you change the large bills for small bills, yes, no coins, minimum bills of 2,000 pesos, which are less than 50 cents in exchange. Here I will leave you one of the best clubs in Medellin.

A medellin colombia party scene? If you are really planning a bachelor party in medellin, it is important to take into account everything that we have talked about in this article. And we have even more for you, so we invite you to explore our site and request an interview with us. We will immediately get started with your bachelor party in Medellin.

Visit or share our official bachelorette party in Colombia website link with the bride, or with the maid of honor for they to check all the things we can offer to her and to her bachelorette party squad:

Also, share these guides that will teach them how to plan an outstanding bachelorette weekend trip in Medellin or Cartagena Colombia:

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Our bachelorette party team will take care of everything the bride needs for tailoring an astounding bachelorette party package, either be in Cartagena or Medellin Colombia.

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Lets Planning A Bachelor Party In Medellin
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Are you already planning a bachelor party? Well, if you are the groom or the best man, you should now get to work to make the best bachelor party of your life
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