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Thinking of colombia medellin nightlife? Many of your friends will tell you that you are totally crazy, or that you have a screw missing. But the reality of Medellin today is different, behind that mirror of terrorism and drug trafficking in which this beautiful city was reflected in the 90s, today it reflects a gigantic tourism industry.

Today Medellin is a fairly prosperous metropolis, and outstanding not only in terms of tourism, but also in terms of the technology industry and, above all, security. Thanks to the great efforts of citizens and local governments, Medellin has become an example to follow in Colombia, which makes it attractive to thousands of tourists who come to celebrate their bachelor parties, or simply come for an adventure.

Two Airports

planning a bachelor party in medellin

Medellin in terms of tourism industry, is the best connected city in the country above Cartagena and Bogotá, since it has two airports, the José Maria Cordova airport, which is two hours from the city and receives flights from any country in the world. , and the Henrique Olaya Herrera airport, which has flights within the national territory, and which are quite cheap.

Thanks to this, and to its large highways, they greatly facilitate tourism in and out of Medellin at quite competitive prices.

Connected pathways

planning a bachelor party in medellin

As I told you before, Medellin is a city that is perfectly connected by air or by land, and for this reason, it is quite easy to move within Medellin, if you wish to move on your own. This city has a metro system that connects the city from north to south, and east to west, a fairly modern tram system, and metrocable, which connects with the most remote places in the mountains, and takes you to beautiful towns like St. Helen.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to travel by car, we give you the possibility to do it in style, in luxurious cars of your choice, such as sedans, trucks, vans, or a brand new limousine.

A capital of tourism

San felix bachelor party

If you are planning a bachelor party in medellin, I tell you from experience that there are plenty of new things to do, whether you go out early in the day, or prefer to hang out at night.

During the day you can go to Arvi Park, which is located about 18 miles from downtown Medellin and is perfectly connected, whether you arrive by car or go by metrocable. Here you will find wildlife, beautiful waterfalls, and impressive flora, apart from that, a beautiful view from any point where you are.

Another place to visit during the day and that is highly recommended is Commune 13. A neighborhood that was considered one of the most dangerous in Medellin, was slowly becoming a haven of peace, and a place to learn a little about this violent time.

But if you consider yourself a great adventurer, San Feliz and Guatape are perfect places to visit. Here you can practice sports such as hiking and parachuting.

The night promises

planning a bachelor party in medellin

We can say that the nights in Medellin are one of the best, and they are perfect for bachelor parties. Everything is available when night falls in Medellin, and when I tell you everything, it is everything! Its famous nightclubs open their doors and the first thing you will see when the night comes, are beautiful necklines and miniskirts parading through the busy streets, such as Las Palmas or El Poblado.

We have for you, VIP passes to any nightclub, bar or strip club, in short, whatever you want.

But if you want to celebrate in one of our most famous accommodations, there we organize the parties, without missing the best or liquor, and the sexiest women.

Still planning a bachelor party in medellin?

planning a bachelor party in medellin

I am sure that you will continue planning your bachelor party until the end with colombia medellin nightlife and with us it will be easier than you think. Our packages include suitable accommodation for parties and rest, tours throughout the city like the ones mentioned in this article, and more surprises for you. So we are waiting for you.

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Our bachelorette party team will take care of everything the bride needs for tailoring an astounding bachelorette party package, either be in Cartagena or Medellin Colombia.

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Planning a bachelor party in Medellin? Many of your friends will tell you that you are totally crazy, or that you have a screw missing
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