Undoubtedly, if you are looking for the very best tour of Medellin, the Guatapé Tour is the one you don’t want to miss, for sure, so keep reading and discover more about the famous Guatapé Town and its giant stone of “El Peñol”. Get to know what to do and see in Guatapé and understand why a Tour to Guatapé is by far, the best tour of Medellin  Antioquia and one of the most coveted tours in Colombia.

About Guatapé and The Stone Of "El Peñol"

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View from the top of Piedra del Peñol in Guatapé

This piece of haven called Guatapé, is located in the heart of Eastern Antioquia, less than 2 hours by land from Medellín. The municipality, also named Guatapé, is the home of a huge and amazing monolithic rock of 220 meters high and 66 million tons of granite known as “La Piedra del Peñol”. The charming town of Guatapé, also called “Town of Zócalos“, is full of history, color and joy everywhere and, without a doubt, visiting it will make your trip to Medellín Colombia an unforgettable experience.and in addition to the unmissable visit to climb the Piedra del Peñol, it has many other activities and recreational spaces to appreciate and enjoy.

When and How to Reach To Guatapé From Medellín?

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Medellin to Guatapé Bus (North Terminal)

About the transportation:

To take the Guatapé tour from Medellín, depending on your budget and preferences you have several transportation options like public transport (Medellín North Bus Terminal), private taxi/uber or renting a car.

If you travel with us you will go in a private comfortable and nice passenger van, we will take you from your accommodation in Medellin, to Guatapé and back.

About the Holidays:

You should be aware of holidays in Medellín to avoid taking your Guatapé Tour during long weekends holidays and other major holidays like, school holidays and Christmas, because prices of transportation, accommodations, and adventure tours will increase during those high seasons, not to mention that there will be a lot of local tourists making it difficult to fully enjoy your visit and finding a nice vacation rental.

About the Weather:

Guatapé seems to be part of the eternal spring area of Medellín, but sometimes it can be very rainy, so ideally, you should be aware of the rainy season to fully enjoy all the activities that Guatapé and El Peñol have to offer you.

Perhaps the best dates to plan your Tour to Guatapé is between December and April, or from July to August, which are regularly the months of the dry season.

But truth be told, whatever the weather be, you will like and enjoy your Tour to Guatapé.

Where to stay during your Guatapé tour?

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Hotels & Vacation Rentals In Guatapé

If a full-day Guatapé Tour isn’t enough for you (as usual because everybody want to stay longer in that piece of heaven) you can be sure that you will find many vacation rentals and accommodations options there so, once again depending on your budget and likes you can choose luckily the perfect stay for you in Guatapé.

Certainly, you won’t find a lot of luxury hotels in Guatapé, and even you will find some (Luxé by The Charlee, Bosko or Hotel Los Recuerdos), or many hostels and family houses where to spend the night, there are better options for large groups.

Rent Your Own Private Guatapé House Villa

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Casa Finca in Guatpé

Instead of trying to enjoy a holiday resort, which is really suggested in Guatapé is to rent your own VIP Villa/House luckily in front of the lake and overlooking the Rock of El Peñol. These are not cheap for small groups and there aren’t many options but, it’s really a great option if you want to make the most of your Guatapé excursion.

What to do in a Guatapé Tour?

Things To Do in Guatpé (Guatapé Pier)

The best tourist plans include tours with specialized and bilingual guides to the stone of El Peñol and through the town and its colorful streets such as Calle del Recuerdo, Calle de Los Enamorados, visits to the replica of the Old Peñol town, the Church replica of Piedra El Peñol, the Monument to the Phoenix Bird, the Plazoleta del Zócalo, The Pier (El Malecón), among many others.

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Guatapé Town

Although the town of Guatapé is a small town, there are many things to see, its colorful houses, cobbled streets, squares, crafts, water fountains, the Church and its spectacular reservoir and pier. With so much to see, a good place to start is the Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Guatapé Church, its large square surrounded by restaurants, ice cream parlors, and souvenir shops.

What are the best activities to do in Guatapé?

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The Stone of El Peñol in Guatapé Antioquia

This answer will depend on anyone’s preferences, but the most coveted and exciting activities to enjoy in Guatapé are climbing the stone, of course, and many other fun activities and attractions located in the Guatapé reservoir.

The Stone of El Peñol in Guatapé Antioquia

Undoubtedly, the primary reason to visit Guatapé is its mysterious monolithic giant rock called “El Peñol”. A close look at this stunning natural monument is impressive, but after climbing the 740 steps of “El Peñol de Guatapé”, you will be astonished by one of the most spectacular lookouts in the world built on top of this huge rock considered in the top 5 of the biggest stones on earth.

At the Peñol Rock lookout, at an altitude of 2137 meters above sea level, you can also enjoy of some light food, drinks, and tasty popsicles establishments, souvenirs shops, and also see the statue of Luis Eduardo Villegas López, the first person to climb in 1954 to the top of “La Piedra del Peñol”.

Aquatic Activities at the Guatapé Pier

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Boat tours, jet skis and other water attractions in Guatapé

In the afternoon, when the sun gets easier is probably the best moment to enjoy these Guatapé Aquatic Activities, so go to the pier and choose between a Boat Ride Excursion across the lake, explore the lake by Kayak, rent Jet Skies, try the Take Board & Wake Surf experience, maybe the Flyboard Machine or enjoy the nice Zorbing (bubble soccer), amongst others.

Party Boat Rentals In Guatape: Enjoy a VIP Boat Party in Guatapé lake!

Guatape Boat Party - Party Boat Rentals Guatapé Medellin
Party Boat Rentals in Guatapé: Enjoy An Epic Boat Party in Guatapé

For those groups that just don’t take ordinary and are always looking for chief fun, we really encourage to rent a private party boat with professional music, private DJ and drinks on board. Explore the Guatapé reservoir and enjoy the nice views around abord a Party Boat while you chill out with your friends like never before. Don’t forget to rent some jet skis, to surround the boat during the tour for top fun, because trying a jetski in serene and calm conditions on the lake is unlike anything else, you won’t regret it!

Are You Ready To Enjoy A VIP Guatapé Tour?

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