Let’s talk about medellin colombia best things to do and part of our Medellin bachelor party packages we always include picking up our guests at the airport, but not in any way, not in the conventional way, but in the best style of our company. Imagine walking out of the airport and a limousine or a big van waiting for you outside, isn’t that wonderful? But the best of all is when they open their doors, a few girls are waiting for them with their drinks in hand, this is how we will start your great bachelor party in Medellin.

Forget about taxis or buses and traveling with other people who come on the flight, our style is how you will enter and leave Colombia. So we welcome you to Medellin.

medellin bachelor party

From the airport to Medellin

medellin bachelor party

The arrival time from the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport to the city of Medellin is estimated at 90 minutes, and it is an excellent time to take advantage of the trip by starting your parties with excellent music, a great light system, and the company of beautiful girls. What a good way to take advantage of the time, and to raise the temperature to those wonderful days that you will be with us.

As we have already mentioned, it is a great advantage to include a limousine to receive them at the airport, in the same way you can include it in the city tours to go to the most exclusive places with style and catch the eyes of the most beautiful girls.

Party in the limo

medellin bachelor party

We are ready for your Medellin bachelor party as it should be, and thanks to our employees and associates we are ready to give the groom and his closest friends the best party of their lives before returning home.

For our cars no matter the size of your group, we offer recognized brands such as Hummers, Navigators and Lincolns. But if the size of your group is smaller, they can access stylish cars, such as a Camaro, or a Chrysler. But if the size of your group is unusually large, we can opt for a bus adapted for this special occasion.

Contact right now if you are already planning your Medellin bachelor party. We will help you with the budget issue and we will make sure that all the logistics are perfect so that nothing is missing at your big party.

Limousines are perfectly suited for partying, with sound, lights and lots of booze. Contact us now!

Visit or share our official bachelorette party in Colombia website link with the bride, or with the maid of honor for they to check all the things we can offer to her and to her bachelorette party squad:

Also, share these guides that will teach them how to plan an outstanding bachelorette weekend trip in Medellin or Cartagena Colombia:

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Our bachelorette party team will take care of everything the bride needs for tailoring an astounding bachelorette party package, either be in Cartagena or Medellin Colombia.

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A VIP Limo For You
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A VIP Limo For You
Part of our Medellin bachelor party packages we always include picking up our guests at the airport, but not in any way, not in the conventional way, but in the best style of our company
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Bachelor Party Medellin
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