A neighbor of ours is going to help us with ten exclusive tips to meet and fall in love with Paisa women. First you should know that in Colombia it is said that the women of Medellín and Cali are the most beautiful, but do not be afraid to start a conversation and win them over, surely you are going to fall in love, let’s get started!

Colombian womans

Smell man, but smell good.

There is a bad habit that some foreigners have when they come to the city of Medellín and that is that they do not bathe, or if they take a shower they return and put on their dirty clothes and do not use lotion or deodorant; You do not know how important it is for a Paisa woman that the man she is going out with smells good, it is very uncomfortable that you talk to him and have horrible breath, or that your armpits have a bad smell, you could make him nauseous with a hug! So when you go out with a cute girl, take a bath, perfume yourself and prepare as if you were going to an awards gala.

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Winning factor, good shoes

We know that in other latitudes of the world, shoes do not play a very important role when it comes to establishing a relationship, however, in Medellín – Colombia, the paisas usually take the shoes that you wear as their first reference of good taste and presentation, for That is about having good shoes, no matter the brand, the important thing is that they are clean and in good condition, do not go out of flip flops, it is the worst!

Colombian womans

More paisa than a paisa

When you visit Colombia you may have some idea of speaking in Spanish, however in each city there are words that are very typical of the region, in Medellín for example there is parlache, they are words that are only used here, it is good that you learn them to have good communication and being able to understand what the paisa girl you are going to date is saying to you. For example, in the capital of Antioquia it is widely used that your girlfriend is called “Tu Polla”.

Respect their culture

It is evident that many things that we have culturally ingrained are going to be very different, that is why it is important that you learn and respect their culture as a Latin, Colombian and Paisa woman. There are things that will surely seem strange to you, for example, sometimes we usually hang a necklace of arepas to a person we want to welcome, it is a matter of traditions, you will surely enjoy and nourish yourself with our culture.

Learn to dance

Paisas in general like to dance a lot, we almost always know how to dance everything, so you should learn some basic steps of some Latin rhythms such as merengue or vallenato, even reggaeton, which is the easiest, and one of the musical genres that most is heard in Medellín. If your girl’s favorite plan is to dance, you can’t be out of tune with her, at least give it a try.

Take these Tips into account, they are quite essential when it comes to conquering a beautiful Paisa. Medellin is characterized by its women, one of the most beautiful you can meet.

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5 Tips to conquer a Paisa Women
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5 Tips to conquer a Paisa Women
A neighbor of ours is going to help us with ten exclusive tips to meet and fall in love with Paisa women.
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Bachelor Party Medellin
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