Medellin Restaurants has only increased in numbers in the past decade. Over a thousand of establishments, both exclusive and informal have let tourists experience unique flavors from the most luxurious spots to the more traditional food in the city center.

Such impressive growth have occurred thanks to changes where Medellin, has been remodeled into a blooming capital. Not for any less, Forbes Magazine tagged Medellin as one of “The 10 Coolest Cities Around the World to Visit in 2018”, and by the end of the same year, it was again futuristically designated as one of “The 10 Coolest Places to Go in 2019” in a subsequent post.

Medellín Colombia: The #1 Destination to throw a Bachelor Party in the World!

Popular Colombian food, particularly in the Paisa’s from Antioquia, has a powerful identity of deliciousness, add to that, the deep and internationally influenced gastronomic scene of nowadays.

The remarkable result is the availability of almost any type of food imaginable in between the Medellin valley. Delicious street food, traditional Colombian cuisine, and high-end restaurants.

Best Medellin Restaurants

Bachelor Party Medellin brings you the 5 Medellin Restaurants you can’t miss when you visit this amazing city of Colombia for your Bachelor Party.

1. In Situ - Medellin Restaurants

Quality, beauty, and excellent attention to service and detail, followed by a delicious menu. In Situ has become a must among Medellin restaurants, for those receiving visitors in the city, and for the people of Medellin alike to enjoy the multiple alternatives devised by In Situ’s chefs.

In Situ is not your average establishment, actually, it cannot be seen as competition in the restaurant sector. On the contrary, it is a city project, framed in the transformation of one of the main Colombian botanical gardens, created to become cultural, gastronomic and tourist heritage of Medellin and Colombia.

It is a restaurant operated directly by the Botanical Garden of Medellin. When the Botanical Garden began its process of change, it also decided to assume the management of the food and beverages area directly, not only to contribute to the purpose of being responsible of itself but also to guarantee that every and each of its services had the seal and spirit of the renewed institution.

In Situ opened its doors in May 2008. It has been more than 10 years of service to the city, offering innovative dishes and for all tastes.

2. Hatoviejo Palmas - Medellin Restaurants

Hatoviejo, with 37 years of experience in Traditional Cuisine and Grilled Meats, the best service, and Colombian flavors, is recognized as a gourmet specialist in Medellin City. It is an ideal place to spend time with family and friends.

Hato Viejo cuisine presents specialties such as El Montañero, very representative of the Antioquian region, and the typical bean Casserole. The indisputable queen is the Bandeja Paisa, a massive all-in-one dish including chorizo, morcilla, chicharron, beans, ground meat, avocado, fried plantain, rice and a fried egg topping it all. Another specialty of the place is charcoal meat (when it is grilles directly on hot coals).

In 2011 received the “Best Restaurant in Antioquia” by La Barra magazine, and the Rosa De Los Vientos prize, granted by the Colombian Tourism Journalist Association, so now that you know it, you should not miss one of the best Medellin Restaurants.

3. Woka Lounge - Medellin Restaurants

Woka is an unusual restaurant, created with the sole purpose of stimulating your five senses using the four elements of nature: earth, water, air, and fire is for sure a must among Medellin Restaurants.

It opened 11 years ago, a year after its owner started dreaming about a restaurant designed to create memorable experiences. The adventure starts from the moment you walk up the stairs, and you hear jungle noises, you can close your eyes and imagine you are walking through a rainforest.

Equipped with lots of comfortable couches, a great atmosphere, and nice music, Woka Lounge is a perfect place to eat, drink and have fun. Under the open-air sky, Woka awaits for those looking for a unique and special Restaurant & Bar in Medellin.

4. Mondongo's El Poblado - Medellin Restaurants

Revive the culture from the Colombian towns of old at Mondongo’s. Discover the deep remembrance of Antioquian traditions, as the “Natilla” on Christmas, the “Mondongo”, a delicious stew of combined vegetables and meats, was served at Sunday after Eucharist when the whole family was together around the table.

Through simple things, details, and good care, Mondongo’s show the emphasis on client satisfaction, their success, more than a product is the service. Get the true Paisa experience, by visiting Mondongo’s restaurant on Sundays around noon when it is crowded with Colombians and the mood is at its highest.

Mondongo’s has three locations, the most recent one, by request of the Colombian colony based in Miami, was founded there on December 22, 2001. With a menu of 13 dishes, and great recognition within the gastronomic sector at a national level and with great international prestige.

5. Tiki Bar Restaurant - Medellin Restaurants

Tiki is a themed bar restaurant, located in the countryside area of Medellin. Enjoy large green areas for Picnic, and 4 areas with tables under a roof. Pets entrance is allowed, parking lot capacity for 200 cars, Lake Fishing, Games for Kids, Little pets, and more.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays they run recreation directed for children, and for adults, a very special atmosphere all Nights at our campfires, excellent music and Rumba in the main lounge after 11:00 pm. (Cross Over And Urban).

The menu has a variety of products Entry, Grilled Meats, Chicken, Fish, Seafood, Ribs, Wings, Kebabs, Burgers, Sandwiches, “Picadas”, Vegan Food, desserts and much more!

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Best Medellin Restaurants
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5 Medellin Restaurants you can't miss on your Colombia Bachelor Party
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