Medellin Colombia bachelor party versus Vegas? Okay, we all understand Las Vegas has been the most famous bachelor party destination in the world of all times. But times changes, and people get bored of doing all the same things that others have done a lot of times before. We are not telling you anything you didn’t already know. However, while there is no denying that Las Vegas city has a time and place, there are different (and some would say better) ways to celebrate your last party weekend as single with your best friends.

The Bad Things About Las Vegas Bachelor Parties:

Bachelor Party Vegas Bad Things

A bachelor party event in Las Vegas is indoubtly an expensive one: Once you think about all the costs of the air tickets, accommodations, transportation, food, drinks, and tours, you don’t even want to add up the extra costs that a city like Vegas requires! It’s really bad start planning your bachelor party event with so much charges and extra hidden fees flying around your head. Not only is the fact that they charge outrageous amount of money everywhere for stupid things at events, pools, nightclubs, restaurants and in the hotels, there isn’t even free parking on the strip. There you are more focused on what is the next bill or extra charge you are going to pay than enjoying life like you and your best friends really deserve.

The lowdown on Vegas nightclubs, strip clubs and girls: the party starts late (a lot of doors don’t even open until 11) and for a large team of guys, bottle service is the only way to go (unless you have personal connections). There are a lot of “VIP front of the line” type passes for sale, but typically, they’re really not worth it, some will still have you waiting in a line for up to two hours, and that’s actually why we don’t recommend club hopping in Vegas for this reason. Dressing up is not optional, leave athletic wear, ripped jeans, anything with holes, you must look like mommy’s good boy. And about the girls, well, being into Vegas, the so famous adult playground and after paying so much money for a strip show, you would expect the hottest girls on earth, but that won’t happen, most girls are the same blondy, thin body and pretty face of the regular American prototype.

The Bad Things About Medellin Bachelor Parties:

Bachelor Party Medellin Colombia

While Medellin city in Colombia, may be considered one of the 2020/2021 top bachelor party cities in America’s continent and in the world, the truth is that Medellin isn’t as big, modern or luxury like big cities of USA. The entertainment atmosphere in Medellin can be definitely more mild, less extravagant and more focused on another type of debauchery (this is the Eden of the hottest Latin girls, marihuana, and cocaine) where you’ll find a lot of things like in Vegas but less luxury and less outrageous.

Talking about the bad things, you might have heard in the past about the Colombia drug war and the infamous Pablo Escobar history. These days, we can say that all of that is in the past. Since the last 15 years, the country has quickly gone from one of the most dangerous places on the planet to a nation on the verge of discovery. As a matter of fact, in 2017, the Colombian president received the Nobel Peace Prize, another proof that now Colombia is recognized for positive things, but the truth is that foreign people should still be aware of some places late at night. Not a big deal if you hire a VIP city concierge that is always with you.

The Great Thing About Las Vegas Bachelor Parties:

Great things about Vegas Bachelor Parties

When most people think about a bachelor party, they think Las Vegas – and for good reason. A Las Vegas bachelor party offers something for everyone, from gambling and parties to wild adventures and activities that can’t be hardly found anywhere else.

It wouldn’t be a Las Vegas bachelor party without stopping by a few casinos and nightclubs! It’s called the Entertainment Capital of the World for good reason. Few cities can hold a candle to the grandeur and energy of Las Vegas. And it’s not just about the glitz and glamour. Vegas impresses in all aspects, from its shopping and fine dining to its gambling and outdoor adventures. 

Fly a fighter jet, sink your teeth into a piece of delicious dry-aged prime beef, or become a high-roller at the craps table. When it comes to a Las Vegas Bachelor Party, you really have two options: go big (only for a few very rich guys) or try to stay in Vegas and go back home with your pockets totally empty.

The Great Things About Medellin Bachelor Parties:

Medellin bachelor party

Medellin Bachelor Party is nowadays one of the best alternatives to Las Vegas. Some say that a luxury bachelor party in Medellin can put most of Las Vegas bachelor parties packages to shame because of several reasons.

Colombian Women are the Hottest Women in the world! Most of the really stunning and more expensive girls you can see in a Panama bachelor party, Costa Rica bachelor party and even in Las Vegas are from Colombia, and Medellin women (Paisas) are nothing but the very Latin Goddes by antonomasia.

Bachelor Party Medellin Girls

Price is one of the strongest points of Medellin’s bachelor parties. Less than half the cost of a similar luxury bachelor party in Las Vegas, Nevada, could provide you and your party squad with 3X better features like top-notch luxury accommodations, amazing private pool parties, boat parties, premium booze, gourmet food, great smoking stuff, and a lot more gorgeous female friends.

Another thing that Gringos (a now friendly way to call Americans) and Europeans love about Medellin, Colombia is the amazing Weather, Culture & People of Colombia. Here in Colombia, you will all be foreign tourists treated like kings! Therefore Having Your Colombia Bachelor Party in Medellin means that you’ll have more attention from the gorgeous Colombian girls than you would expect in any other place.

As Vegas bachelor parties are well-known, let us tell you more about what you can expect of a Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party:

Bachelor Party Medellin nightclub stripper

One of the great things about a bachelor party Medellin is the variety of fun spots and exciting things to do at a much more affordable price and with more beautiful women everywhere you go than in any other of the top bachelor party destinations in Latin América and the United States (Las Vegas, Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, Austin), Medellín Colombia can beat them all because of this 2 powerful reasons, price and women!

Even the most luxurious vacation rentals, nightclubs, strip clubs, boat parties and adventure tours in this modern and evergreen city (with one of the best weather in the world) and the kindest people of Colombia, can be enjoyed in an all included amazing VIP party package and still be cheaper than you would expect.

Get Fun To The Exteme Like Never Before

Medellin bachelor party

You will enjoy the best Medellin tours and nightlife activities during your epic Medellin party weekend. From Paragliding flights, ATV and Dirt Motorcycle ride across the hills, National parks excursions, Hiking and Climbing Huge Stones, Zipline Trails, Canopy, Water Activities in the Amazing Guatapé Lake (Kayak, Kate Board, Jet skies, Flyboard Machines, Boat Parties), Casino Gambling, Nightlife Pub Crawl Tours to the most crazy Private Pool Parties at your luxury Party Mansion full of stunning girls, music DJ, a BBQ chef and your own Private Bartender. Only the most Exciting Bachelor Party Activities and the highest quality in VIP treatment you can imagine we’ll be at your fingertips.

Eat and drink like kings in Medellin Colombia

Bachelor Party Medellin Colombia

Take a little tour across Medellin’s best restaurants and bars for an enjoyable meal (breakfast, lunch) or a luxury dinner before an exciting party night. Head to Lleras Park, El Poblado or 70 street to chill out for a while and taste the widest variety of gastronomic choices and booze options in Medellin.

In a really pleasant and happy atmosphere, with live music, and beautiful girls every corner you can enjoy with your friends more than 30 different food choices (Argentine, Arab, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Peruvian, American BBQ, Steakhouses, top-notch Fast Food Spots among many more) and of course the best Colombian food, excellent breweries and very nice pub and bars.

Nightclubs, Strip clubs & Medellin Girls… Uh, la la!

Bachelor Party Medellin strippers girls

Medellin is also known as the Sin City of Colombia, in part because of the amazing strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs you can find in the city, and we know that’s a big reason for having a Medellin bachelor party trip, right? The amount of really stunning girls, strip dancers, and gorgeous escorts is so vast that you could get mad very easy here. This is definitely a true bachelor’s paradise, so when being here, all of you must remember this: take your pick, have a blast, but try not to end up with your girlfriends and your previous life just to stay longer in Colombia. That’s maybe one of the meanings of Colombia’s slogan “Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay“.

So, Why Medellin Bachelor Parties Can Beat Vegas Bachelor Parties?

The Short Answer: No Lines, No Covers, No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees, No Drama And More Private Fun For Less Money = A once in a Lifetime Moment Better Spent!

Alright, Vegas has been for a long time the ultimate bachelor party destination but with five-figure-a-night (suites, bottle service, Casino table, strip show, and transportation), a long weekend with the guys could end up costing as much as the wedding!!!

So, not only are you going to wait in lines outside every club (in heels for at least an hour) you will also pay a lot for it before you even get a ridiculously priced drink! Also, you have to wait a while for that as well. Bartenders typically serve their friends and locals first, they are tip hungry and you’ve already annoyed them with your party’s requests for shots. Here in Medellin, there are so many things to do for free or with minimal/no cover charge! Nightclubs don’t typically have a cover charge and if you’re foreign, prepare to get super special attention! General people and especially paisas girls love having guys from all over the world visiting Medellin to celebrate their last blast with their friends!

Medellin bachelor party

I have seen the BEST and the WORST Las Vegas city has to offer, and when it comes the time to throw a very unique and outstanding bachelor party event, Colombia is the place to go!

Perhaps the best thing about Medellin is that while Las Vegas bachelor parties are typically associated with gambling, luxury, and debauchery, Medellin bachelor parties are associated with the hottest Latin girls on earth plus affordable top-notch VIP Services and that’s a lot to say when you are talking about a bad-ass bachelor party weekend.

Forget about planning another boring bachelor party in Las Vegas Nevada or a bachelor party in Miami, those destinations are overpriced, over-advertised and in fact, are for guys whose mothers don’t allow them to go far away!

Then, you better come to Colombia and enjoy life like never before!

Plan now your unforgettable Colombia bachelor party in Medellin or Cartagena with These awarded bachelor party planning guides:

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