Example Packages #3


Prices based on 3 nights
$1499 15 people
$1799 10 people
$1999 5 people 

–      Nicest Rental in Medellin

–      Guatape tour with boat rental, alcohol, lunch, and transportation

–      Pablo Escobar Tour to RIO CLARO including transportation entrances lunch

–      24/7 Concierge which guarentees you get what you want when you want, VIP Access to the entire city

–      24/7 Transportation including airport pickup and drop off

–      House party including chef, music and food

  • Pricing is based on 15 people $1499 per person (every person more than 15 people is subject to the same price minus 15%, every person less than 15 price goes up please inquire for customized accurate pricing


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